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9:00 am


The French illustrator has given her name to a lifestyle brand of cool & cute gifts for adults and children. Based in France between Paris and Nantes, the brand known for its ‘kiss’ designs creates cheerful products adorned with Mathilde's playful pop-culture illustrations. Accessories, stationery, clothes and umbrellas, bags and goodies and more – we love them all!
10:30 am


In his workshop, illustrator Docteur Paper works on both personal projects and many commissions. From celebrating Parisian architecture for clothing brand Courir or retracing 150 years of history in illustrations for Galeries Lafayette in Nantes, to adorning Quo Vadis stationery with the visual identity of his Travel with me series, Docteur Paper works with empathy, hones his projects as if they were paintings to be hung in his home, and relentlessly pursues his dream of the perfect pen stroke.

2 pm


Her first book, L'Art et la manière d'être une fille géniale, was published in 2005 by Milan. Bolsted by this initial success, she spread her creative wings and completed a string of personal projects and publishing commissions for La Martinière, Magnard jeunesse, Hachette, etc.

In 2012, she worked with Daniel Picouly on Le Mystère du Moulin Rouge (Magnard Jeunesse), the first volume in a series entitled Princesse Sumo.
As her giddying ascent continues, Magali has opened a new chapter to become a designer-illustrator. When it comes to art and materials, her imagination knows no bounds. She is now creatively involved in decoration, leather goods and stationery.

4:30 pm


Papier Tigre & Quo Vadis have been working together since 2016 to present a creative collection of diaries and stationery.
Each collection heralds new contemporary and colourful designs.

6 pm


Colombian illustrator Catalina Estrada, who lives in Barcelona, reinterprets Latin American folklore by creating fun, recognisable motifs full of colour inspired by nature (fauna and flora).

7:30 pm


Le Fabuleux Shaman brand was launched in 2013 by Elsa and Sami, two French designers who enjoy mixing French expressions with wacky designs in their workshop in the heart of Normandy.
A pioneer of message t-shirts in France, Shaman quickly became one of the most popular brands in this segment. The illustrators impose an authentic, resolutely French style, with touches humour and madness in every design.